Selling growing forest – what are the opportunities for selling logging rights?

For restoring logging, the most common method is to conclude an contract on alienation of logging right.. To conclude such a contract, this real estate have a valid forest management plan and a logging ticket approved by the Environmental Department, specifying the part of the forest, the volume and the king of logging to be made.

Nominal alienation of logging right happens, for example, when the forest management plan is still pending approval, and the parties have already reached an agreement on the logging. Note that the annex to the contract must contain the logging plan and volume.

These contracts can be concluded between the parties without a notary and signed digitally. In case of handwritten signature, it is necessary to make copies of the identity documents of both parties.

The notarial transaction in the sale of logging right is the confirmation of the title to use, which means leasing someone's forest land for the purpose of doing forestry. Title to use is applicable when you wish to transfer the right on forestry for a long term, for example, in case of chronological logging or when ordering a comprehensive service. A comprehensive service is ordered when the forest owner, in addition to the sale, wants someone to assume, for example, for several years, the responsibilities related to renewal, cultivation and protection of forest, as well as to the land plot maintenance.

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