Eesti Maavara OÜ logging rights for their sustainable, viable and efficient management. This will provide beautiful, healthy and high-quality forest for future generations, which is exactly our mission.

Our key competitive advantage in case of logging rights is that we package the logging rights. Therefore, we can offer a competitive price in all parts of Estonia regardless of the size and volume of the plot. This is beneficial for the landowner as well, as the larger volume you sell at once, the higher the price you can request. Our cooperation partners include the majority of the most famous forestry companies in Estonia. Thanks to the packaging, we can provide very high quality and always take full responsibility for the work done.

We work in the following counties:

  • Harjumaa
  • Ida-Virumaa
  • Jõgevamaa
  • Järvamaa
  • Lääne-Virumaa
  • Põlvamaa
  • Pärnumaa
  • Raplamaa
  • Tartumaa
  • Valgamaa
  • Viljandimaa
  • Võrumaa
  • Läänemaa (Vormsi saarel ainult ost)
  • Saaremaa
  • Hiiumaa
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Sell a logging right or forest land?

In this case, you need to ask yourself the question: Do I see myself engaged into my forest activities in the future? There is a widespread misperception that after logging trees or squeezing maximum profit out of the forest all responsibilities for forest management are fulfilled. In fact, according to the Forest Law, forest owners are obliged to ensure the renewal of the logging area as well. That is, income from alienation of logging is accompanied by expenses as well. Prices for soil preparation and planting start from EUR 700 per hectare.

The second important issue for consideration is the way how the real estate was obtained. The primary sale of land returned in due time is not subject to income tax, but the alienation of logging right is subject to a 20% tax. When selling real estate received on the basis of a gift agreement, all income is subject to a tax. So, it is worth thinking about how you can retain most of the income.

Whether it is more beneficial to sell the forest together with the land or as a logging right depends on the further plans of the owner himself and on how this owner received the property.

Factors influencing the value of the logging right:

Logging volume in solid cubic metres
Accessibility and location
Growth place type and bonitet
Forest material assortment and quality
Distance and difficulty of removal
Distance between the logging area and the sawmill
Other restrictions

Why sell the logging right?

Ready-to-cut and mature forest will not become more mature

There is a widespread misperception that if the forest has stood for 100 years, it will stand for another 100 years. Such opinion, unfortunately, will get you only so far. Forest maturity age for different types of trees is established by professionals based on extensive experience and is also specified in the Forest Law, as it is at this age that the forest is the most valuable and healthy. When the maturity age ends, trees become more susceptible to diseases, which does not add value to the forest. Mature forest requires proper care and management!

Forest treated with professional care has a future

Forest management is a rather complex process and, by ignorance, one can only harm the forest land instead of doing it good.By trusting the logging work to a company that is professionally engaged in forestry, you can be sure that your property will be treated with care, and a favorable soil will be created for the future forest to grow. As each land plot is unique, there is no single action plan. Future logging is planned depending on the forest's peculiarities. A plan for creation a new generation of forest is also discussed with the owner. For the forest to remain the greatest asset for future generations, we must invest in it today.

Full comprehensive service

In cooperation with Eesti Maavara OÜ, we can offer you a comprehensive service from logging to the creation of a new generation of forest. If you want your land to increase its value in the future, it is reasonable to ensure forest renewal as well.

Contact us and provide us with a cadastral number.

We will make an initial inspection based on the available data.

Then we will contact you and make a more precise plan.

Our expert will visit the site (with you, if you wish). We will coordinate the price.

We will conclude an agreement on alienation of the logging right for growing forest.

Money will be credited to your account.

We will book time at the notary office appropriate for you (specify all special conditions and wishes).

Eesti Maavara's responsible – Eesti Maavara OÜ is responsible for all contract terms and logging quality.

The highest purchase price in Estonia – examples of recent transactions


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