Eesti Maavara OÜ offers you a comprehensive service from logging to the creation of a new generation of forest. With extensive experience in the area of land renewal, we have chosen for our clients the best cooperation partner, who will help them in the emerging problems and future activities.

For the forest on your property to be high-quality even in the future, it is necessary to raise a new generation of forest, i.e. to renew the forest. There are various techniques for forest renewal:

Prices for planting work depend on the range of seedlings, but together with soil preparation start from EUR 700 per hectare. In addition, for the first five years it is necessary to carry out forest protection at the planting site.

Since forest renewal for each land differs and depends on a lot of factors, we advise you to draw up a specific renewal plan that will provide you with the best results. Contact us to prepare a renewal plan

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